FORMIGA P 110 Velocis

Compact-Class Additive Manufacturing System that offers a Cost-Efficient and Highly Productive Entry
into the World of Additive Manufacturing.



  •  Ensures reproducible part properties throughout the  build volume:
  • Precise laser spot with a small focus diameter enables wall thicknesses of less than half a millimetre.
  • Produces minute parts with highest surface quality.


  •  EOS is a benchmark in terms of material variety.
  • 9 commercial polymer materials & 10 combinations of materials/layer thicknesses.
  • EOS Parameter Editor allows customised exposure parameters to be defined based on a proven baseline.
  • The spot pyrometer enables continuous and accurate temperature control.


  • The running costs are only consumed material and power. No hidden costs.
  • Swift heating and re-coating process significantly increases productivity.
  •  Fully functional parts right after unpacking and de-powdering. No further post-processing needed.