EOS P 396

Additive Manufacturing of Serial Parts and Functional Prototypes from Polymer Materials. 38% less energy consumption & 32% faster


Tool-free, Cost-effective manufacturing

  • EOS P 396 processes thermoplastic plastics on an industrial scale.
  • Reproducible and constant component quality
  • The new EOSAME feature  homogeneous quality and enhanced mechanical properties
  • Optimized temperature management

High productivity

  • 15% higher build progress compared to  EOSINT P 395.
  • Boosted build rate by more powerful 70 W laser.

The Latest version 3.7 of the PSW software

  •  Best possible support during both preparation of the build job and build progress.

User Friendly

  • Easy operation.
  • Broad material portfolio
  • Manufactures very complex plastic parts.
  • Mechanical powder handling